The Milsons - Crosslinks Mission Partners in Valencia, Spain
 Julian, Nicky, Jemima and Theo

Julian and Nicky Milson are passionate about sharing the good news of Jesus with Spanish people and training up disciples who can advance the gospel for generations to come. As of March 2018 they have lived and worked in Valencia, as Crosslinks Mission Partners.   They have two children, Jemima (14) and Theo (12).
It is estimated that just 1% of the population in Spain are evangelical Christians. Although 75% of Spaniards identify as Roman Catholic, this may reflect a sense of cultural identity rather than personal faith. 
Julian is seconded to the IERE (Spanish Reformed Episcopal Church) as the Rector of  the 'Iglesia de Jesucristo’ which is the only church in Valencia that is part of the Anglican Communion. Nicky is involved in various areas of ministry in the church, is learning Spanish and homeschools Jemima.  
Before moving to Spain, the Milson's lived in Hove where Julian was the vicar at Holy Cross Church for 11 years. Nicky served at Holy Cross in children’s ministry, youth work and music.
Prayer requests for the Milson family:

Prayers of thanks:

  •  For the self-sacrificial love we see in our church family, motivated by the Gospel.
  • That we can meet physically at church (although with greatly reduced numbers) and for Zoom.
  • That we’ve been able to reconnect with some of the wider church family over the last month who we hadn’t heard from since Covid-19 hit.
  • That our children’s residency papers have been submitted (again) - please pray for a successful outcome for this.

Please also pray:

  • For Julian to continue to feel better after being ill over Christmas. Give thanks that Mike, one of our missionary partners here, has taken on the preaching for 6 weeks so Julian can rest more fully.
  • That, despite Covid-19 cases continuing to rise, particularly in the Valencia Region, we will stay clear of the virus.
  • All of the schools are open so please pray that Theo will continue to stay safe from Covid-19 in his school.
  • For Jemima, that she settles back into a routine with her home studies after an unsettling period of time for her with Julian being unwell.

 January 2021

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