Prayer Ministry

There are lots of different ways at All Saints to pray together, pray individually and to be prayed for.

Monthly Prayer Meeting

We invite the whole church family to join together to pray each month. We gather on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. We have two meetings, either between 12-1pm or 8-9pm in the Tiger Lounge. Please choose a time which is convenient for you.

Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones is the name of our prayer ministry team. After each of our regular services a small team will gather in the North Chapel and be available to anyone who would like to be prayed for. They also take time to pray through prayer requests which have been submitted through the 'Prayer Box' in the porch, you can do this simply by filling in a card from the porch.

Prayer Planner

We all need help to pray and it's good to have a reminder of things which we can be praying for. Each month we produce a Prayer Planner highlighting things happening in the church, community and wider world for which we might pray.