Prayer Ministry

There are lots of different ways at All Saints to pray together, pray individually and to be prayed for.

Prayer Requests

If you have specific things that we can pray for you at this time, please submit them below. They can be anonymous, but if you would like us to get in touch, please enter your contact details. The pastoral team will be praying for you, if you would like this request to be prayed for by the wider church family, then please tick the box. There is also a physical box for prayer requests in the church porch.
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Monthly Prayer Meeting

We invite the whole church family to join together to pray each month. We gather on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. We have two meetings, either between 12-1pm or 8-9pm in the Tiger Lounge. Please choose a time which is convenient for you. Currently, we are meeting just once at 8pm on Zoom.

Prayer Points for Today  -  16th June (PDF)

Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday Prayer Meeting (PDF)

Fasting: Some resources and guidance 

We very much hope you will consider joining with others in the church family to fast for at least part of Ash Wednesday.  Most of us are pretty inexperienced in this, so to help us, here are a few things to help you think about, and plan for, a meaningful time of fasting. 
  1. Reflection on fasting - a short video from Ruth Bushyager, the Bishop of Horsham, which sets fasting in the wider context of the Bible story.
  2. Fasting - A practical guide for beginners - a one-page leaflet from the diocese with lots of practical tips for food-fasting.
  3. Fasting for beginners - a short article by David Mathis from the Desiring God website, which has a brief explanation of fasting, and six simple pieces of advice to help us fast with purpose.  Point number 5 reminds us fasting can be from things other than food, so if food-fasting is not possible for you, consider what else you might abstain from today.
  4. A focus for fasting: The Lord's Prayer - as David Mathis says in the article above, "Without a purpose and plan, it’s not Christian fasting; it’s just going hungry".  We have put together a short guide based on the Lord's Prayer to try and make fasting (especially from food) a positive experience.

Resources to help you pray