Diocese of South Rwenzori and Kagando Hospital, Uganda 

St Pauls Cathedral, KaseseAll Saints’ has supported South Rwenzori Diocese in SW Uganda throughout the 30+ years of its existence. The Diocese is centred on the town of Kasese, the ninth largest town in Uganda, and is led by Bishop Jackson Nzerebende
St Paul’s Cathedral has been built over many years  as funds have allowed, with young people from All Saints’ laying some of the early bricks in 1999.

All Saints’ currently provides financial support in two main areas:

  • Theological students at Uganda Christian University.  Studying for ordination.
  • Part-time students studying for two years at Kisinga Divinity College to become lay readers – as the Diocese has 500 congregations and only 50 priests, the lay readers perform all the pastoral duties in a parish.

Chapel at KagandoAll Saints’ also provides support to Kagando hospital where committed Christian staff provide a service to the very poor in a rural area while receiving salaries substantially below those paid in Government hospitals.

For more infomation: www.southrd.org

Main Contacts: Richard and Elaine Browning

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