ASL Kids

All Saints Kids 

All Saints Kids is our group for 0-11 year old children at our 9.30am service. Children spend the first 15 minutes together in the service before leaving for the Tiger - for fun, games, crafts, small groups, singing and Bible stories.

For more information about our Sunday morning activities please see our family welcome leaflet.

If you haven't already, please fill in an information / consent form for your child and bring along on a Sunday.

All of our leaders hold a current DBS certificate. For more information please visit our Safeguarding page.


All Saints Kids is divided into two groups, pre-school and primary school age. There is an additional youth group, Pathfinders for 11-14 year olds.

All Saints Kids:    Pre-School (0-4s)
All Saints Kids:    Primary (4-11s)


ASK - Pre-School

Our Pre-School group for 0-4s meets in the Stable from 9.45am. All ages gather for play and crafts, which a special area for non-walkers. After a time to play, the group splits; walkers head to the School Room opposite for a snack, a song and a story. They will be using the interactive "Bible App for Kids" which brings foundational Bible stories alive - it's great to use at home too! Non-walkers will have their own story time together.

The team is led by Clare Nibloe.

Coming Up:
Sunday 15 December
9:45amASK: Pre-School @ Tiger Stable

SpringersTeacher and ChildExplorers


ASK - Primary

Our Primary group for 4-11s meets in the Tiger Lounge from 9.45am. At the start of each session children head to small groups based on their school year group, for welcome games and activities. Everyone then gathers together for a fun session of games, stories and songs. Afterwards, there's a 'Discovery Time' where the children can explore different games, crafts and activities. The session concludes back in small groups for a recap of what we've learned together.

We work hard to try and include children of all ages and abilities, but we also have a special area where children with additional needs can engage with the session through sensory and play.

The team is led by Hugh Bourne.

Coming Up:
Sunday 15 December
9:45amASK: Primary @ Tiger Lounge

Autumn Term - JC Hospital

This Autumn term we’re welcoming our Primary group to the “JC Hospital” - a fun, themed activity session exploring the stories of Jesus healing people in Mark’s Gospel. We’ll be using songs, stories, crafts, dramas and games as we meet the Great Doctor.

September 1st  -  SALT Service  -  JC Hospital (1)  -  Mark 1:21-28   -   Parents Notes (PDF)  -  Video Drama 1 (MP4)
September 8th  -  ASK  -  JC Hospital (2)  -  Mark 1:29-39  -  Parents Notes (PDF)  -  Video Drama 2 (MP4)
September 15th  -  ASK  -  JC Hospital (3)  -  Mark 1:40-45  -  Parents Notes (PDF)  -  Video Drama 3 (MP4)
September 22nd  -  ASK  -  JC Hospital (4)  -  Mark 2:1-12  -  Parents Notes (PDF)  -  Video Drama 4 (MP4)
September 29th  -  SALT Service  -  Harvest

October 6th  -  ASK  -  JC Hospital (5)  -  Mark 3:1-6  -  Parents Notes (PDF)  -  Video Drama 5 (MP4)
October 13th  -  ASK  -  JC Hospital (6)  -  Mark 5:1-20  -  Parents Notes (PDF)  -  Video Drama 6 (MP4)
October 20th  -  ASK  -  JC Hospital (7)  -  Mark 5:21-43  -  Parents Notes (PDF)  -  Video Drama 7 (MP4)
October 27th  -  SALT  -  JC Hospital (8)  -  Mark 7:31-37  (half-term)  -  Video Drama 8 (MP4)

November 3rd  -  ASK  -  Light Party Special
November 10th  -  ASK  -  JC Hospital (9)  -  Mark 8:22-26  -  Parents Notes (PDF)  -  Video Drama 9 (MP4)
November 17th  -  ASK  -  Persecuted Church Special
November 24th  -  ASK  -  JC Hospital (10)  -  Mark 9:14-29  -  Parents Notes (PDF)  -  Video Drama 10 (MP4)

December 1st  -  ASK  -  JC Hospital (11)  -  Mark 10:46-52  -  Parents Notes (PDF)
December 8th  -  ASK  -  Christmas Special (1)
December 15th  -  ASK  -  Christmas Special (2)
December 22nd  -  SALT Service - ASK Nativity - Sign Up Here