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our buildings as we plan for growth

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Taking our Leave of the Church

Our services on Easter Day are the last ones before we close the church for refurbishment. When we return, many things will be different, so it is good for us to have an opportunity to thank God for all that has taken place in the building over many years since it was last refurbished. 
On Tuesday 3rd April at 9.30 there will be a short, informal Service of Thanksgiving in church which will give us an opportunity to reflect upon and give thanks for the church building itself, for significant items of furniture and for generations of faithful brothers and sisters who have worshipped there. 
As we build for the future, we want to honour the past. All are welcome.
After the service we will be 'packing up' the church contents in preparation for our temporary relocation to Lindfield Primary Academy. A team of volunteers will be needed to stack chairs and move items into storage. Some vigorous lifting may be involved. There is a sign up sheet in the porch and help would be greatly appreciated
18th March 2018
We have received the tenders for Phase 2 within the agreed timeframe, and through God’s grace, they are less than we envisaged and had planned for. Although we still have a shortfall in funding for the overall project, we have sufficient financial resources to undertake
the construction work.
The next step is to meet with the contractor recommended by our Quantity Surveyor - this will take place tomorrow (5 February). Please pray for the meeting which is to discuss the tender in more detail and to explore the timetable for the work. Our preference is for the work to commence on 9 April having held our last services on Easter Day (1 April) -  we need to allow sufficient time to clear the church in readiness for the contractors.
On 19 February, subject to a satisfactory outcome of our meeting on 5 February, the PCC will be asked to authorise the Vicar and Churchwardens to enter into a contract with the chosen contractor. 
We will be able to give more specific information to the church family once the PCC has approved the contracting arrangements.
Please feel free to speak with Roy Ransley, Chairman of the Steering Group, or any other Steering Group member if you would like further clarification. 
4th February 2018 
With the completion of the drainage work last week, we are pleased to announce our new toilet facilities open!
A big thanks to everyone involved in the hard work, planning and negotiation that went into the completion of this part of the ASPIRE project.
Lets take a moment to give thanks to God for his provision! 
4th February 2018
We are about to enter a very exciting phase of the ASPIRE project, and the plan is for our first services to be held at our new location on 8 April. We are extremely grateful to Lindfield Primary Academy for allowing us to hold our Sunday worship services there. Our relocation is giving the All Saints church family different opportunities of working together as a team.
Our three worship services will be held in the Sports Hall, which will need to be set up before the 9.30am service and cleared away after the Cornerstone service, leaving the Sports Hall ready for school on Monday mornings. The set up/take down will involve helping the audiovisual team with equipment, putting out/stacking chairs, tables etc. For our Sunday services we need 4-5 volunteers every Sunday morning and every Sunday evening. We are sure the youth members will be able to serve in this role after Cornerstone. Do YOU feel you could be part of a team to serve the Lord and the church family in this way?

Have you always wanted to wear a fluorescent jacket and direct traffic? Now is your opportunity! For only the first three or four Sundays following our move we will need a group of people to direct cars into the parking areas at the school. In addition, you may be called upon to direct people to the coffee area after the service. This is a short-term commitment so we are looking for a small, but dedicated, team who will be on duty for each of the three or four weeks. No experience necessary, just an ability to tell your left from your right! Do YOU feel you could be part of a team to serve the Lord and the church family in this way?
Please sign up on the sheets in the porch with your email or contact number and Paul Spensley or Richard Painter will contact you.
28th January 2018

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What is ASPIRE?

ASPIRE is the name for a major redevelopment project at All Saints’ Church, Lindfield. Launched in 2013, we are working to repair, renew, refurbish and  reorder our buildings to meet the needs of current and future generations

Where are we now?

Phase 1 of the project is almost complete, this has included:
• Repairs to the roof and spire
• Re-ordering of the church, including removal of pews and replacement with
• Remodelling of the vestries to include an accessible toilet, a multi-use room,
flower preparation and utility area and a new clergy vestry.

What’s next?

The Diocesan Chancellor has granted permission for us to proceed with Phase 2 of the project. Invitations to tender for the work have been issued - responses will be reviewed and our PCC will consider the recommendation from our Architect and Quantity Surveyor. Subject to the necessary funding being in place, a contract will be entered into with the chosen contractor.
Once building works are underway, our Sunday worship services will be relocated to Lindfield Primary Academy. It is anticipated that we will begin our temporary relocation immediately after Easter.
The final plans for Phase 2 include:
• Replacing the floor with new stone tiles and underfloor heating.
• Improving the South porch and West entrance to enhance welcome and circulation areas, including new glass inner doors.
• Installing a new purpose-designed and moveable central dais for leading worship.
• Introducing new bespoke furniture for use with the dais.
• Dismantling the pulpit and storing it in the Tiger roof space.
• Removing remaining pews and choir stalls at the East end and replacing them with chairs and new choir seating.
• Relocating the Kempe screen from the rear of the Church to underneath the west tower.
• Retaining the memorial chapel, reredos and other historic features.
• Upgrading heating, lighting, audio visual and electrical services.
• Redecoration.

Bells and Clock project

The Bell and Clock Project has been running along-side the main ASPIRE project since its inception in 2013. The aim of this project is to replace and repair those aspects of the church which lie within the tower: namely the ring of bells and the clock. During  Phase 2 of the ASPIRE project some overlap between the two projects will be evident in relation to the work on the West entrance to the church.

Where are we now?

In consultation with relevant experts and interested parties we are well advanced in our plans for repair and replacement  and are about toseek formal approval from the Diocese.
• Both bells and clock are in a state of considerable disrepair leading toincreasing difficulty in ringing the bells and to repeated malfunctioning of the clock.
• Expert assessment has identified the underlying causes for the problems and has advised on ways of addressing them. Any work to be done on bells and clock will require them to be moved out of the tower into a bell foundry and workshop respectively.
• We have considered a number of options for the work on the bells and have come to a decision to propose to the Diocese that a new ring of 8 bells should replace the old bells which are from a variety of eras ranging from 1573 to 1887.
• We have consulted with interested parties, as well as experts in the field, and have received their support. In particular we are grateful to the Kempe Trust for their time and  understanding of our situation. Their interest
was particular as 3 of the 4 bells we are proposing to recast as a new ring were
donated to the church in 1887 by Charles Eager Kempe on the occasion of
Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee. Subject to PCC approval we have agreed with
them to include in our plans  an imprint of the wheatsheaf mark of
Kempe onto 3 of the bells in the new ring and to place a plaque in his honour on
the wall below the West tower.

What’s next?

• Thanks to the support and generosity of the church and village community and several substantial donations from individuals we have reached a financial target that allows us to to proceed with an application to the Diocese for permission to implement our plans.
• We shall soon submit our final Statements of Significance and Needs to the PCC with the aim of an application to the Diocese later this Spring.
• If approval of our plans is given we would then need to give public notice for 28 days before seeking Faculty approval. We shall then place any contracts with bell and clock companies and hope for the work to begin later this year.

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Aspire update No.1 (455.2KB) 12/04/2017

On the 11th June 2017 we held an Aspire vision day, you can listen here:

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 The provisional plan to the church includes the following elements:

  • Improved entrance at the south porch, together with new enhanced entrance at the west door.
  • A new purpose-designed and moveable central dais area for leading worship.
  • Renewal and lightening of the floor.
  • Repair treatment to stained glass windows and redecoration throughout.
  • Replacement of most pews with individual seats allowing flexible arrangements.
  • Enlarged welcome and circulation area at the back of the Church
  • Removal of existing choir stalls and replacement with moveable choir seating.
  • Relocation of the Kempe screen from the rear of the Church to underneath the west tower.
  • Retention of the memorial chapel, reredos and other historic features.
  • Upgrades to the heating, lighting, audio visual and electrical services.
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