All Saints Church Development Project

Repairing, re-ordering and revitalising our buildings as we plan for growth


What is ASPIRE?

ASPIRE is the name for a major redevelopment project at All Saints’ Church, Lindfield. Launched in 2013, we are working to repair, renew, refurbish and reorder our buildings to meet the needs of current and future generations

Come and see!

After eight months worshiping at Lindfield Primary Academy, All Saints Lindfield looks forward to welcoming you to our reordered, redeveloped and redecorated church on 27th January. 
'Come and See' is a week of events (3-10th February 2019) celebrating the completion of the All Saints Church refurbishment project. The building will be open throughout the week to visit and will include a range of events and activities. For more information, click here: Come_and_See
20th January 2018

Autumn Update

October marks six months since Pilbeam, our contractors arrived on site at All Saints and began work on Phase 2 of the Aspire project. I’m sure you will be excited to hear that work has continued apace throughout the summer, so here is a brief progress update.  Our new boilers, underfloor heating and pipework have been installed. All internal stone and plaster repairs have been completed and the new stone floor tiles have arrived. The new lighting system is well underway, along with preparation for the new sound and vision system. Redecoration will take place throughout the Autumn. In the tower, the Church clock has been removed for repair and preparatory work is in progress for removal of church bells. Externally, the church path has been re-laid using existing and new pavers. The work is due for completion by Christmas, though our services will not return until late January 2019. Please continue to pray for the project, for the safety of our contractors and for the church family as we begin to look forward to our return to All Saints in the new year.
16th October 2018

Where are we now?

Work on Phase 2 of the project began in April.
The church is now closed to the public while contractors are on site.
While building works are underway, our Sunday worship services have relocated to Lindfield Primary Academy.
The church office and The Tiger are open as normal.

The final plans for Phase 2 include:
• Replacing the floor with new stone tiles and underfloor heating.
• Improving the South porch and West entrance to enhance welcome and circulation areas, including new glass inner doors.
• Installing a new purpose-designed and moveable central dais for leading worship.
• Introducing new bespoke furniture for use with the dais.
• Dismantling the pulpit and storing it in the Tiger roof space.
• Removing remaining pews and choir stalls at the East end and replacing them with chairs and new choir seating.
• Relocating the Kempe screen from the rear of the Church to underneath the west tower.
• Retaining the memorial chapel, reredos and other historic features.
• Upgrading heating, lighting, audio visual and electrical services.
• Redecoration.

Pilbeam's Progress

Presentation October 2018
Presentation July 2018

Work on Phase 2 of the ASPIRE project has been under way for four weeks, and much has been achieved. The contractors, Pilbeam, have been working hard inside the church building, and we will be updating the church family about the work on a regular basis. In the past four weeks, apart from setting up the site and protecting the inside of the fabric that is to remain, Pilbeam has:
  • removed all items that are not part of the building, storing and protecting those that will be replaced or reinstated
  • removed the old heating system including the old plant in the boiler room, the pipework and radiators
  • organised an archaeological inspection to check for archaeological remains (ongoing)
  • lifted and stored the memorial stones and removed the flooring from the church
  • begun to reduce the level of the ground to facilitate the introduction of the new floor build up including under floor heating
  • begun to install the new boilers and pipework in the boiler room

Bells and Clock project

The Bell and Clock Project has been running along-side the main ASPIRE project since its inception in 2013. The aim of this project is to replace and repair those aspects of the church which lie within the tower: namely the ring of bells and the clock. During  Phase 2 of the ASPIRE project some overlap between the two projects will be evident in relation to the work on the West entrance to the church.

Where are we now?

In consultation with relevant experts and interested parties we are well advanced in our plans for repair and replacement  and are about toseek formal approval from the Diocese.
• Both bells and clock are in a state of considerable disrepair leading toincreasing difficulty in ringing the bells and to repeated malfunctioning of the clock.
• Expert assessment has identified the underlying causes for the problems and has advised on ways of addressing them. Any work to be done on bells and clock will require them to be moved out of the tower into a bell foundry and workshop respectively.
• We have considered a number of options for the work on the bells and have come to a decision to propose to the Diocese that a new ring of 8 bells should replace the old bells which are from a variety of eras ranging from 1573 to 1887.
• We have consulted with interested parties, as well as experts in the field, and have received their support. In particular we are grateful to the Kempe Trust for their time and  understanding of our situation. Their interest
was particular as 3 of the 4 bells we are proposing to recast as a new ring were
donated to the church in 1887 by Charles Eager Kempe on the occasion of
Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee. Subject to PCC approval we have agreed with
them to include in our plans  an imprint of the wheatsheaf mark of
Kempe onto 3 of the bells in the new ring and to place a plaque in his honour on
the wall below the West tower.

What’s next?

• Thanks to the support and generosity of the church and village community and several substantial donations from individuals we have reached a financial target that allows us to to proceed with an application to the Diocese for permission to implement our plans.
• We shall soon submit our final Statements of Significance and Needs to the PCC with the aim of an application to the Diocese later this Spring.
• If approval of our plans is given we would then need to give public notice for 28 days before seeking Faculty approval. We shall then place any contracts with bell and clock companies and hope for the work to begin later this year.
Below is a few photos of the bells being removed:

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Bells extraction (1.0MB) 05/12/2018
Pilbeam's Progress (to end of Oct 18) - Version 2 (6.9MB) 06/11/2018
ASPIRE-Oct18 (43.8MB) 01/11/2018

On the 11th June 2017 we held an Aspire vision day, you can listen here:

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 The provisional plan to the church includes the following elements:

  • Improved entrance at the south porch, together with new enhanced entrance at the west door.
  • A new purpose-designed and moveable central dais area for leading worship.
  • Renewal and lightening of the floor.
  • Repair treatment to stained glass windows and redecoration throughout.
  • Replacement of most pews with individual seats allowing flexible arrangements.
  • Enlarged welcome and circulation area at the back of the Church
  • Removal of existing choir stalls and replacement with moveable choir seating.
  • Relocation of the Kempe screen from the rear of the Church to underneath the west tower.
  • Retention of the memorial chapel, reredos and other historic features.
  • Upgrades to the heating, lighting, audio visual and electrical services.
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