Global Mission 

Reaching out into the world

A distinctive feature of life at All Saints over many years has been our strong links of support for our mission partners - members of the church who have been called out, sometimes overseas, for special service for God. Their contribution to our church life, and the extra awareness that they bring us of God’s mission field throughout the UK and in every corner of the earth, are invaluable. We will continue to look for ways to support those who are building God’s kingdom beyond the immediate environs of Lindfield and to support any from our fellowship who are sensing God’s call in this direction.

All Saints supports both Mission Projects and Mission Partners.  Our Partners are typically individuals or families sent out from our own congregation to serve both in the UK and further afield.  Projects are Christian organisations that are widely supported throughout our congregation prayerfully and financially that are deemed to fit with our Mission Action Plan - ‘Reach, Build, Send’ and merit our support. Together we commit to regularly praying for these Partners and Projects and also corporately provide practical and financial support if needed.

To help keep the church up to date, each Partner and Project has a personal link with one or two members of the All Saints congregation who undertake to be the main representatives, co-ordinating support and prayer requests.

Here is a list of our current Mission Partners and Projects:

Simon and Becky Lunt

Wendy Gerster


Diocese of South Rwenzori and Kagando Hospital, Uganda

Redeeming Our Communities (R.O.C)

Sussex Gospel Partnership (SGP)

Cross Mission, India

Five Talents

Family Support Work (FSW)

Caminul Felix

Julian and Nicky Milson

Open Doors

University and Colleges Christian Fellowship (UCCF)

Pray for Vietnam

Lucy with YWAM

Jonny and Olga Anderson

This weeks prayer focus:


Please give thanks for:
  • The work that Tearfund partners around the world are undertaking, alongside local churches, to prevent the spread of Coronavirus by supplying hygiene resources, providing food relief, sharing information and bringing communities together.
  • The impact that Tearfund’s Reboot campaign has had, in coalition with other international development agencies, to persuade the UK government to end its funding of fossil fuel projects overseas so that people living in poverty can have access to clean energy.
  • The assistance that 2 million migrants, fleeing from the socioeconomic and political crisis in Venezuela, have received in Colombia from churches and Tearfund partners that are providing health, food, psychosocial and spiritual support
Please pray for:
  • The people of Afghanistan; we pray for their safety and wellbeing; we ask God to provide for all their practical needs, including shelter, clean water, food and opportunities to earn an income; we pray for wisdom and protection for Tearfund partners so they can continue to support people who have been so badly affected by the drought that is leading to chronic food shortages; we cry out to God for peace in Afghanistan, particularly protection over women, that one day it will be safe for people to return home.
  • Haiti: on Saturday 14 August, a deadly earthquake struck Haiti resulting in more than a thousand people dying with homes, schools and other vital infrastructure being severely damaged; we pray that Tearfund and their partners will be able to reach and provide for those most in need.
  • The success of COP26, the United Nations climate change summit being held in Glasgow in November; that the voices of disadvantaged communities, particularly those in the Global South who are most affected by the climate crisis but have contributed the least to its causes, will be heard by decision makers.
September 2021