Simon and Becky Lunt

Thank God for 'A' and 'D', a young Middle Eastern Muslim couple on the Alpha Course Simon is helping lead at their home church.  After a session on the Bible, 'D' requested one in Arabic.  Pray that the Holy Spirit will speak to them as they read it and continue the course.  Thank God that Simon has been for a walk-and-talk with 'A'.
Thank God for relationships Simon has built up with Iranians at Oasis church plant.   Ask for help he disciples Iranians facing very challenging circumstances.  After some years waiting, 'A' and 'M' are still pursuing asylum claims for themselves and families in Iran.  Pray.
Thank God for her Child Play Therapy placement at a local primary school.  With a Christian Head and two other Christian play therapists it is ideal.  Pray for Becky's relationship with her first little child, a very young British girl, and ask for another 'client', perhaps a Syrian Muslim.  Ask for God's guidance as Becky prepares her Diploma assignments.
Becky and Simon ask for opportunities to reconnect with Muslim friends with whom it has been difficult to maintain a relationship during lockdown.
Starts 12th April. Pray for God's work in the hearts and lives of Muslims around the world as they seek God as best they know.  Praise him that "we often hear how the Lord touches lives through dreams and visions and have met many believers with such accounts."
April 2021