Peter and Heather Candy 

Latest Prayer Points: 

Peter and Heather Candy

Give thanks for

  • Rain, though not enough to prevent real hardship in the near future. Some crops are in the ground however and doing well
  • Continuing hospital refurbishment and the second ward nearing completion. The two firms approached have submitted their tenders to start work on the Surgical Ward in early June
  • A newly appointed and fairly experienced maintenance officer, on probation. Pray that he will settle well and take over some of the day-to-day tasks from the Project Administrator 

Please pray for

  • The whole community we serve; life is not easy or straightforward but despite heart-breaking personal stories there are many testimonies of how the Lord sustains and meets need. May this hope and truth be a lifeline for more people, particularly through the witness and work of KARUDEC and the local Church
  • Better countrywide provision of blood and medical supplies for wards, pharmacy and hospital stores. For good record keeping and accountability in the wards, theatres, laboratories, administration offices and cashiers
  • The rolling refurbishment plan; for wisdom and attention to detail for Peter as he contracts with the successful firm; for the many other projects. Also for Peter and Heather, taking a short break before the last few months in their post.